Online training course!

After we were finished with our Local Activities I phase, we were originally supposed to carry out an international seminar in Poland. However, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, it was impossible for us to travel and gather in large groups of people.

Therefore, in order to continue advancing with the project, we created an online Training Course for Trainers (OTC) of volunteers in the field of sports that started yesterday (6th July 2020) with the participation of 15 sports volunteering trainers (3 participants from each aprtner countries, thoroughly selected by each apartner organisation) and will continue until the en of the month, with the same learning objectives as the original International Seminar.

The main purpose of this OTC is to develop key competences of volunteering trainers/supervisors and anyone who wishes to train, prepare and manage sports volunteering actions in the field of sports, by giving them the necessary knowledge and pedagogical tools to carry out an efficient training for volunteers in the field of sports.

Learning objectives:

-Reflect about the knowledge in the field of volunteering (definition, legislation, actors, obligations and rights, etc.) at local level and in the 5 other partners countries.
-Learn to develop an environment where volunteers can carry out their activities in a responsible, committed, efficient and safe way.
-Provide participants with pedagogical tools in the framework of non-formal education, in order to organize their own training for sports volunteers.
-Strengthen networks between organizations in the 5 partner countries through the exchange of methodologies and tools used by four different countries to train volunteers in the field of sports.

Stay tuned to read more about the final evaluation of the OTC when it is finished!

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