Final Conference!

The third and final mobility of “Skills Development for Sports Volunteering Trainers” project was a coordination meeting and conference  that took place on October 5th– 7th 2021 in Rybnik (Poland). The main results of the project, the activities carried out in each country, as well as the personal and professional experiences of participants and the impact of the participation in a European project have been presented and evaluated during an internal meeting among project organisations held in Rybnik.

In order to give visibility to the project among the local population, a public event was organised, in the form of a cycling competition. Apart from the presentation of our project among competitors and invited people, we conducted an internal competition for the GoBikePro bicycle team. It was also a chance to further validate the training manual and the competences acquired by the local sports volunteering trainers throughout the project, as the international final conference participants assumed the roles of volunteers during the competition and were previously trained by the local volunteering trainers that participated in the OTC and second phase of local activities in Rybnik.

You can find the main results of the project in the tab “RESOURCES” of this webpage: Training Manual, eBook of the project, Video Summary of the project and Visual resources.


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