Creating our training manual and presenting the project locally!

After our coordination meeting in Marsciano, Italy, at the end of January, we entered our first phase of local activities (LA1), which consisted on creating the contents of our training manual and presenting the project to the local population of each partner country.

For the first part of the LA1, each partner country had to develop the contents of the modules of the “Training Programme Proposal” validated the year before during Vol4Life (a prequel project with the same partners) according to their local realities and needs.

To do this, the coordinating organisation of the project created and shared a tool with the proposal validated in each country the year, for each partner country to fill in with contents based from local experience, the research carried out during Vol4life, the tools and methods they already use to train your volunteers, etc.

For the second part of LA1, the COVID-19 pandemic had already started to spread, which meant that local presentations of the project and meetings with stakeholders became more difficult. However, this did not stop us from moving forward with the project activities; it simply meant we had to re-invent our approach and adapt! Some of us carried out these meetings and presentations on an online format via different digital tools for communication, and others waited for lockdown to be over and still carried out in person activities with all the safety requirements by our national health departments (reduced amounts of people, use of masks and hand sanitazers, outdor activities, etc.).

We will continue updating you on our next activities shortly!

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