Skills Development for Sports Volunteering Trainers” is a 12 months Small Collaborative Partnership, which aims to improve key competences of trainers and promote training of volunteers through the creation of a training tool, enhance knowledge, create networks and exchange good practices between organizations in the field of sports volunteering

Main objectives:

  • To improve the key competences of those responsible of training volunteers in the field of sports of the partner organizations and other stakeholders, who wish to train, prepare and manage sports volunteering actions;
  • Create a basic and common educational tool for the training of volunteers in the field of sports validated by all partner countries 
  • Develop the capacity of sports organizations in the management and training of volunteers;
  • Promote cooperation and exchange of good practices between organizations that work with volunteers in the field of sports;
  • Create a network of organizations from five countries that promote the training, preparation and management of volunteers in the field of sports, both locally, nationally and internationally.

Main Activities:

  • Transnational Coordination Meeting in Italy: to specify strategies, working methodologies and details of activities;
  • Local Activities I: creation of a Training Programme for volunteers in the field of sports and a user’s guide for trainers.
  • Training for Trainers in Poland: a 4-day training course for volunteering trainers in the field of sports.
  • Local Activities II: Local training course for volunteers led by the participants of the international training course in Poland and a sports event as a visibility activity for the project with the newly trained local volunteers.
  • Creation of the eBook and video of the project;
  • Final Conference in Spain: presentation of project results and evaluation between partner organizations.

We consider that this project has an impact on participants (new skills acquired and/or improved, personal and professional development, etc.), organizations (use of new competences and tools, exchange of good practices, better quality of work, etc.) and on society (increased awareness on the importance of training in sports volunteering, new training , multiplier effect, etc.).